The Comedian Harmonists Gallery

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Reportedly, the Comedian Harmonists made their first public performance in 1928, in the musical theatrical revue "Casanova."  Looks like they had to wear some pretty funky outfits.  Forerunners of The Village People, perhaps.

That the boys were inspired by the earlier American group "The Revelers" is documented by this photo.  Beneath this picture of the fellows waving their New Year's greetings is the caption: "Die deutschen Revellers"

A scene from an unidentified film or theatrical production.  Hard to tell exactly what this is.  The hats look like turbans at first glance, but they aren't.  Not visible in this picture is that fact that the guys are wearing "Dutch"-style wooden shoes!  I'm told [Thanks, Laszlo!] that this is the local costume of the Volendam (near Amsterdam) and that German tourists, even today, are posing for such pictures.

My collector's mouth waters!  The Comedian Harmonists in front of a poster featuring a great art-deco illustration.  It should be framed and hanging on my wall, but who knows if such things have even survived?

Who says playing "air guitar" is something new.  Looks like a little "air piano" playing is going on in this shot, along with the animated gestures of all the others in the quintet.

This picture, taken on June 30, 1936, shows members of the "reformed" group, featuring (left-to-right): Ernst Engel (piano), Hans Rexeis (first tenor), Erich Abraham Collin (second tenor), Harry Frommermann (buffo-tenor), Roman Cycowski (baritone), and Rudolf Mayreder (bass).  All of these gentleman were German jewish exiles, except Mayneder who was an Austrian gentile.

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