Hazel Court:  British TV Credits

My information is very sketchy regarding the British television appearances of Miss Court.  American audiences have very little chance of seeing them anyway.  However, in the interests of providing documentation that is as complete as possible, here is the beginning of a list:



A children's show entitled "Family Hour," was reportedly hosted by Miss Court on BBC in the 1950s.



Said to be a children's/adventure series, there were 13 episodes of this ITC program.  Hazel Court appeared as May Claydon in an episode entitled "Lost is Found."



A detective series, there were 39 episodes of this ITC program.  Hazel Court appeared in an episode entitled "Dressed to Kill."



Episode:  "Death From A Distance"  (First aired: 11-4-61)
Cast:  Donald Wolfit (Sir Andrew Wilson), Michael Quinn (Agent Nick Craig), and Angela Browne (Helen Winters)
Guest cast:  William Sylvester (Brett) and Hazel Court (Jackie)

This is a series produced for the ITV network and based on the book "Ghost Squad" by Det. Supt. John Gosling.  The episodes concern the activities of the world's most hush-hush crime busters, men and women out of uniform attached to Scotland Yard's International Investigation Division.  I have no details on this particular episode (#9).  It is worth noting that the first 10 episodes were produced on film, rather than video tape.

Fans of Hazel Court in the UK are encouraged to help fill in the blanks.

Shows of British origin which were also broadcast in the United States (eg. "The Edgar Wallace Theatre" and "The Buccaneers") are included in the list on the main page.

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