The Man Who Could Cheat Death Gallery

These six images are all from the climax to the film.  Here we see Anton Diffring explaining to Hazel Court how she can acheive the ultimate desire--eternal life, never to grow old.

We may not have access to any nude photos of Miss Court, but here we do have the sculpture of "Janine" from this film.  That last image looks like she may have been modeling for the bust, right then.  Boy, where was I when the Hammer Films prop man took this item away?

Regrettably, this "eternal life" thing involves some rather unpleasant injections, not to mention the sacrifice of an innocent life or two.  Poor Anton seems to have missed his latest treatment.  Much to his consternation he begins to age rather rapidly.  Hazel's expression tells us that it's none too pretty a sight.

You've seen this page and you're still reading.  Now, tell me, how can it be explained that this wonderful film is not available on video tape?  The Attorney General should appoint an independent prosecutor to look into the matter.

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