The MultiMedia Page

Several areas of the  Popular Culture Excavation Site  provide access to mp3 music files, mpeg-1 movie clips, or both.  As these files are quite large, the question arises as to how well (or even whether) your computer will play them.  Those with high-speed connections will have the best experience.  Those using dial-up modems will encounter the usual delay in downloading a large file.

To improve your chances, a Windows Media Player is provided on this page.  You should be able to hear a music file or view a movie clip simply by clicking the little black right-pointing arrowhead in the media player.  If this doesn't work, click the highlighted title of the song or video to open the viewer that is associated with your computer.  If this fails, it's time to consult your browser or computer help files.

Willie the Penguin on TV
Here's a rare opportunity to see an actual motion picture of Willie the KOOL penguin.  This is an excerpt from a television commercial for KOOL cigarettes broadcast circa 1958.  It has been edited to keep it (and your download time) as short as possible.

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