KOOL Penguin Poetry Prowess

Here are a few more examples of Willie the KOOL penguin's wit and wisdom.

It is remarkable how many of these little rhymes are composed in such a way as to convey the impression that it is good for your throat, if not your general health, to smoke KOOL cigarettes.

I have access to more than 90 of these, far more than I am inclined to scan and present on this page.  How much are they worth to the collector?  This one I can't answer.  An unopened pack of cigarettes, with the particularly outrageous poem mentioned on the main page, sold in February 1998 for about $70 (no, not to me).   The ones you see on this page are not from complete packs, but rather from a collection compiled by someone who cut them out and put them in a scrapbook many years ago.  I wouldn't think there are many of these around, but you never know what someone may have saved in an old box.

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