Sally Rand's Silent Films

Of some 21 silent films in which Sally Rand was featured, we have details and/or titles on the following:

  • The Dressmaker from Paris (1924)  [details unknown]

  • Braveheart (Cinema Corp. of America, 1925), directed by Alan Hale

  • The Road To Yesterday (De Mille Pictures, 1925), directed by Cecil B. De Mille

    Our gal appeared in "The Road To Yesterday" with a black wig and sporting a little hair curl of the sort that would later be adopted by Bill Haley.  Check the larger version of this exceptional publicity shot.

  • Man Bait (PDC Productions, 1926)

  • Sunny Side Up (De Mille Pictures, 1926), directed by Donald Crisp

  • Night of Love (Goldwyn, United Artists, 1927)

    Yes, this is Miss Rand, though you would never guess it if someone didn't tell you.  Some sources list this film with the title "A Night For Love" or "The Night of Love."  A larger version of this one is also available for your viewing pleasure.

  • His Dog (Pathe, 1927)

  • Getting Gertie's Garter (Metropolitan Pictures Corp of California, 1927), directed by E. Mason Hopper

  • Galloping fury (Universal, 1927)

  • Heroes In Blue (Rajart, 1927)

  • The King Of Kings (De Mille Pictures, 1927), directed by Cecil B. De Mille
    Miss Rand played the slave to Mary Magdalene.

  • The Fighting Eagle (De Mille Pictures, 1927), directed by Donald Crisp
    Cast:  Rod La Rocque, Phyllis Haver, Sam De Grasse and Sally Rand.  This black and white film runs approximately 54 minutes and is available on video.

  • Crashing Through (Pathe, 1928)

  • Women Against the World (Tiffany Productions, 1928)

  • Nameless Men (Tiffany Productions, 1928)

  • Golf Widows (Columbia, 1928)
    The image at the top of this page shows Sally with Harrison Ford [Gosh, he sure has aged well!] in a risque scene which appears to have something to do with a pair of ladies unmentionables.

  • A Girl In Every Port (Fox, 1928), directed by Howard Hawks
    Cast:  Victor McLaglen, Robert Armstrong, Louise Brooks, Rosita Marstini, Myrna Loy, William Demarest, Natalie Joyce, Sally Rand.  Leonard Maltin describes it as a "lusty silent comedy about two swaggering sailor pals who travel the world brawling over anything--especially women."

  • Black Feather (Daily Productions, 1928)

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