Sally Rand: WAMPAS Baby Star

A "Wampas Baby Star" was a title that the Western Association of Motion Picture Advertisers gave to Hollywood actresses, perceived as most likely to succeed, yearly, from 1922 through 1934.  The popularity of the Wampas awards was enormous.  The public was very receptive and interested every year.

Here are some of the famous "Babies" who became stars of the silver screen:

  • 1922: Bessie Love and Colleen Moore
  • 1923: Eleanor Boardman and Laura LaPlante
  • 1924: Clara Bow
  • 1926: Mary Astor, Joan Crawford, Dolores Del Rio, Janet Gaynor and Fay Wray
  • 1927: Sally Rand
  • 1928: Lupe Velez
  • 1929: Jean Arthur and Loretta Young
  • 1931: Joan Blondell, Rochelle Hudson and Anita Louise
  • 1932: Ginger Rogers

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