Svend Asmussen: The Films

Following is a list of Danish or Swedish feature films, shorts, and commercials, in which Svend Asmussen has either appeared as a performer or is credited as a composer.  An English translation of the title is shown in parentheses.  I am indebted to Kim Abrahamsson, from Denmark, who was kind enough to compile this information.  He says that there may have been additional, more recent, films, but the lexicon he was working from only goes to 1967.  Notations that accompany each entry are his.

  • 1935:  Danmarksfilmen  (The Denmark Movie) (composer)

  • 1939:  En lille tilf‘ldighed  (A Small Coincidence) (performer)

  • 1942:  Ta briller p†  (Put On Your Glasses) (performer)

  • 1942:  S lv giver arbejde  (Silver Is Work) (composer) This is a 5 minute commercial.

  • 1943:  Op med hum ret  (Cheer Up) (composer, performer)

  • 1944:  Rejsefeber  (Traveling Fever) (performer)

  • 1945:  Musik i haven  (Music in the Garden) (performer)

  • 1945:  800 akkorder  (800 Chords) (performer) This is a trickmovie used in the 1945 Tivoli Gardens revue.

  • 1946:  Boogie Woogie  (performer)

  • 1947:  N†r katten er ude  (When the Cat's Away) (performer)

  • 1949:  Kvinnan som f”rsvann  (The Woman Who Disappeared) A Swedish film -- don't know what he did.)

  • 1949:  Pippi L†ngstrump  (Pippi Longstockings) (Swedish)

  • 1949:  L jer med Dekameron  (Lattjo med Boccacio - Fun With Decameron) (composer, performer) A Swedish, erotic funny movie.

  • 1950:  Op og ned langs kysten  (Along the Shoreline) (performer)

  • 1951:  Alice i Eventyrland  (Alice in Wonderland) The Danish version of this Disney cartoon had voices by Svend among others.

  • 1952:  Dr”msemester  (Dirch passer hund - Dreamvacation or Dirch Watches the Dog) (performer) Swedish, though Dirch is Danish.

  • 1956:  Hvad vil de ha?  (What Do You Want?) (composer, performer)

  • 1956:  Kispus  (?) (composer)

  • 1958:  Musik ombord  (Music On Board) (composer, performer) A Swedish film.

  • 1959:  Ballade p† Bullerborg  (Trouble On Bullerborg)(composer, performer)

  • 1963:  En vacker dag  (A Beautiful Day) (composer) A Swedish film.

  • 1965:  Fl†dens friske fyre  (Jolly Fellows of the Navy) (composer) This film was shown on TV in Denmark as recently as November 9, 1997.

  • 1992:  Lille Nemo i Dreamland  (Little Nemo in Slumberland) The Danish version of this cartoon features the voice of Svend Asmussen as "Kong Morfeus."

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